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Greetings Kashima!

Let me start out by saying you are definitely the epitome of “The Social Hostess” ! You have a natural God given talent that most people have to work at. Being known as The Social Hostess is one of the most appropriate labels you could have been honored with. Your every move demonstrates your commitment and passion to what you do.

I want to thank you for always being ready and able. Thank you for always knowing what I need before I ask for it. Thank you for always having things just right. Thank you for always cleaning up the mess before I know about it. Thank you for being fully vested in the success of our events. Thank you for bringing that extra added value of perfection to every one of our events, large or small.

I remember the very first event you hosted for Visionary People. You called me and wanted to know every detail about the event, even how I envisioned some of the most minute details playing out. On the day of, you pulled out your pad and pen and asked me a question that blew me away. You assured me it didn’t matter if it was big, small or silly, you needed know. You asked me, what’s that one thing that would drive me insane or make me feel like my event wasn’t going well?

That one sentence increased my level of confidence in you 100 times, because now I knew without a shadow of a doubt, you had my event in your hands from beginning to end. I felt a sudden burst of ease and relaxation. I knew that my guests would be well taken care of. I knew that the schedule of activities would be on time. I knew that the program booklets would be properly distributed. I knew that I wouldn’t forget to hand out the appreciation gifts, again! I knew that the food wouldn’t be cold or food items wouldn’t be forgotten, again! I knew I could focus on the big things that I was solely responsible for. I could empty my brain and be less frantic. I could enjoy my event and my guests.

It is Visionary People’s and, my personal honor to welcome and acknowledge “The Social Hostess” as our official event concierge company. I can’t imagine doing any other event without you and your team present. To be honest, you manage it so well I don’t ever want to do any other events with you.

Continued Prosperity,

Natasha Davis-Bowen, CEO

Business & Marketing Strategist

Dear Kashima;

I’d like to thank you (and sing your praises from the rooftops) for making our event last weekend so easy, smooth, and enjoyable for me as a hostess.

Two things happened that have never happened before at one of my own parties.

1. I was able to go upstairs and put makeup on without feeling rushed before people arrived

2. I didn’t have to dread the “morning after” sink full of dishes (because, yes, I’m that kind of person who leaves the glasses in to “soak” overnight after a party. Don’t tell anyone.).

I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know whether 20 people were going to show up, or 50. We really wanted the event to be smooth because we were honoring our friend, who had just published her first book, and we wanted the focus to be on her. I was very worried that I’d be flapping around picking up dishes and glasses and the whole thing would just have that “messy energy” to it.

You arrived exactly on time and jumped right in with me on preparation. After a few minutes you sent me upstairs to get dressed (I needed that nudge.). With you there, I was able to greet people when they came in (somehow you always knew when this was happening and told me), people always had drinks (somehow you also were asking people what they needed), their coats and bags were out of the way (you were taking them to the guest room), and there were no plates and cups cluttering up every surface (because you were whisking them away and keeping up with them, as well as replenishing the plates and food). You kept on top of everything, which actually allowed me to enjoy myself with our guests (novel concept!).

Several people remarked on how nice it was to have you there, and asked me for your card that night. Several others asked me the next day at my book club how they could find you – even some who had not been there, when they heard the description from those who had!

On top of all that, you are a calming and charming presence. Even Craig (who was dubious whether we needed you) said it was well worth the money to have everything happen so seamlessly without our worrying about it. I really appreciated how supported I felt, and how afterwards, everything was put away as if the party had never happened.

I got to relax the day after a party!

Thank you again for making everything so easy for us. We will definitely be calling you next time.


Kristin Leydig Bryant

Dear Kashima,

When we met last year I was planning a party for 37 people. That’s small on the scale of parties we host in our home, and I had a co-hostess, but the guest were people I didn’t know, so I hired you so we could focus on the people instead of the tasks of entertaining.

You called on your way to see if I needed anything last minute. I did: mint. Then you came in with a notebook and told me you needed a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the space. I was impressed. Next you starting asking when I wanted things done – and noting the activity and time in your notebook! I was comfortable.

After the party Nancy, my co-hostess, who has done many parties with us, pronounced this one the best because you were there opening wine bottles and refilling serving platters. (Personally you were a hit when you handed me water, in a wine glass, at the exact moment I was so parched I thought I would blow away.

So from the start you were a part of my plan for this year’s 100% Club, where 121 people joined us for fun, food and celebration. The caterers had five people there; you and Tina took care of setup, drinks, desserts, and George and me – including clean up. Amazing.

We have hosted parties where I didn’t get to speak with all my guests – where I wasn’t a hostess, really – because I had things to do. This time you were there, so I had my hair done, makeup on, candles lit, music playing, and even though the first guests arrive 30 minutes early, because you took care of things, we were able to welcome the people.

Thank you, Kashima. I’ve got a little brunch coming up for 16 people. Though I’m perfectly capable, we can’t imagine doing it without you.

Gratefully and eagerly,

Wendy L. Kinney


Kashima Peters with My Social Hostess worked with me on every single aspect of planning my son’s bar mitzvah except for the guest list…..that I had to come up with on my own!

She is extraordinary….incredible attention to detail, anticipation of problems and finding solutions, terrific attitude and a tireless worker. No task is too big or too small.

Once the planning was done and it was time for the event (Friday evening dinner, Saturday luncheon at the temple and an evening dinner at my home followed by Sunday morning nosh at the hotel) Kashima was my right hand. She allowed me to relax and enjoy the events with my family and friends.

Having worked for many years in the television news business in Los Angeles, where the stakes are high, the stress is higher and excellence is required, my expectations are lofty. Kashima Peters achieved everything I asked of her and more! I can absolutely recommend her without reservation….she is the real deal!


I have worked with other event coordinators and caterers in the past and nothing compared to the service we received from The Social Hostess.  The staff was extremely professional and accommodating.  The food presentation was beautiful.  They greeted our guests and made sure everyone felt welcome and right at home upon their arrival.  Kashima was exceptional behind the bar and proactive in making sure all our guests had a beverage upon arrival and throughout the evening.  They cleaned up everything at the end of the night.  As the host of the party, all I had to do was talk to my guests and enjoy myself.  It was truly the most stress-free event I have ever hosted.  Just when I thought there was nothing else they could have done to make the evening better, I received pictures the next day which Kashima took during the evening.  It was simply amazing and I will never host another party at my house without them!

Shelly Deriso

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